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I wanted to get a PA800 but really would like to stretch for a PA2X because of the keys, but won't be able to afford it, even used.

Is the PA1X so far behind the 2X ? I have heard that it is but I can't remember the reasons. Anybody would refresh my memory?

There is actually less of a difference between the PA3x and the PA2x (also read PA800 apart from dual MP3 and HDD both options on the PA800) than there is between the PA1x and the PA2x.

The jump for PA1 to PA2 was very big!!
built in dual MP3,
much neater and tweaked harmoniser settings,
48v Phantom power available to a condenser mic,
Main output 3band eq (sweepable mids),
Guitar Mode,
External Audio input to main output,
much faster graphics engine,
faster boot time (without PCM autoload on)
MUCH better keybed,
much easier style load and copy to fav banks, user banks etc, better overall styles....

There are a few more but I cannot remember them all...

On the PA3x most of it SEEMS to be tweaks of already existing PA2 features and functions (although without playing it or having access to a manual it is really difficult to be sure)..

With the main upgrades being the addition of a Chord Sequencer (almost worth buying a PA3 just for that!!), and extra assignable switch and Guitar Mode II, whatever that means.

Hope that does not confuse you too much!!!