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I find that the large majority of musical 'bends', whether guitar, horns, synths, whatever, ALL tend to occur exactly at chord change boundaries. In fact, they are MEANT to happen there, as the bend emphasizes a musical change. Honestly, listen to 'bend-y' music carefully, and try to count just exactly how MANY bends occur just as you are supposed to change chords. It's amazing how many, and how ALL of these can't be performed if you have to use your LH to trigger the next chord.

In fact, many of music's best 'flash' moments come as chords change rapidly, during fills, turnarounds, and many other moments where, if you tie up your LH, you simply can't get them right, as they were originally played with TWO hands.

Trust me, a 'Chord Sequencer/Looper' allows you to play much closer to a two handed keyboard player or sax player, guitarist, etc.. Getting the SOUND right while not putting in the inflections that the real thing does is basically as bad as getting the sound wrong! Neither is a convincing performane.

DNC, SA, and footpedal bending can go a BIT towards mitigating this problem, but if you truly want to NAIL the sound of a sax, or guitar, or lead synth, you HAVE to have that hand free for the bender when the MUSIC wants it, not when you can spare it from inputting chords...

And that what makes a good professional sounding keyboard player over a home sounding keyboard player. The extra effort put into the little( but important) things. Both can sound good, butwith the C S/L it would be some more icing on the cake, IMO.
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