mmmmmh....sorry but I need to bombard you guys with more questions....

what I basically want to do, is being able to record entire demos of my music by using styles, like on a arranger. Once I devise all the chord progressions, melodies and sections (verse,chorus,solos ,etc) I would just record the entire arrangement without actually writing every single line for every instrument in the rhythm section. Not much different than going to a band with your song already written from start to end, and telling the guys 'this are the chords, the style of the music has to be such and such. The rest is up to you'.

Now , Q-ranger allows styles implementation by setting markers in midi files, which to me is already too convoluted. I was hoping that with Live Arranger I could play any section and variations, on the spot, just like my Yamaha PSR, but at the same time to be able to record everything and edit anything (for example the chords, if needed).

The PSR allows me to write chords via a 'chord-track' , which I find essential and often use (otherwise you would have to play the entire style with all the variations wanted, on the fly, which I don't do. Someone very skilled like Vagro does, but I am not as good as a performer as he is).

So what I want to know is, with th X6, can I write the chords in step time and at the same time being able to record all the sections and variations without this 'put 10 markers on a midi file' process?

Also, on the whole, how easy is the Liontracs to set up, given that the GIGA libraries are quite large? I have read some posts where things seemed to go a bit too slow. I just want to compose my music with as little fuss as possible. Maybe I am asking too much, but still, asking doesn't hurt

Thanks guys for your patience....I appreciate all the past help too.