Hi Dennis.

Might be nice to trial a finished, or beta version?

There's actually an old demo version of it still online here.

Don't ask me though how far along it is in development compared to what I might have sitting on my PC as code. It's been a while since I even looked at this program.

I use a program called Music Reader, but I am always up for trying something that may be better.

Music Reader looks like a very good program. My one was never finished and I really never got any input from people for features they wanted and so on.... so I'm not sure how it would even compare to a Music Reader. My approach is also rather different.

Your program does look neat, can it also load either Jpg/bmp images ?

Yes, supports all common image formats.

and Can it be page controlled with a foot controller?

Yes if you install a midi to keystrokes app on the PC running the software. If Domenico wanted a Lionstracs version on his keyboard, it could be very easily integrated to work with the actual buttons on the keyboard.



Anyhoo, if you ever decide to start work on it again, I am happy to be a trial-bunny.

Would be nice if we could work this that it turned into the actual program used for Liosntracs keyboards.


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