Hi James,

I often wondered about that app of yours after you released details over at korgforums.

Might be nice to trial a finished, or beta version? I mean I use a program called Music Reader, but I am always up for trying something that may be better.

Your program does look neat, can it also load either Jpg/bmp images ? and Can it be page controlled with a foot controller?


Anyhoo, if you ever decide to start work on it again, I am happy to be a trial-bunny


PS: @ AFG and Domenico... I knew about those programs Domenico has on the MS now, but it seems the OP has very limited knowledge of both the OS on the MS, and on Linux itself. I did not want to raise his hopes of something that was fully integrated and would work as he (probably) expects it to, just like in Windows.

To use either Muse OR Rosegarden would require a huge learning curve ON TOP of the huge learning curve required for the Media Station/Groove.

The MS needs the scoring program to be integrated into the OS, as it is they are simply add-ons that need to be run seperately within the Linux OS, and not the MS OS.