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Hi AFG Music.

Maybe, but that would still be incorrect. The value must be 128 as a bank contains 128 sounds and not 127.

In this case using numbering like 0-127 to reference 128 sounds will not work as sound 1 is 0 and 0 doesn't effect the sum of an equation.

So it's got to be 128 and this value must be a constant.

BTW..... the new YXG-GIGAT2 Library that Tastenpoint released is very likely full of errors. Straight away I can see all the drum sounds are referenced with the wrong values in the LSCP file, program values make no sense as large numbers of them are doubled up, and even the MSB+LSB values don't work out right when reverse calculated.

This is just another example of why making files manually or on the keyboard itself with Linux Sampler is a bad idea and always meet with a large degree of error. Every file currently available that has been manually written or created with Linux Sampler contains errors, including the official Lionstracs GM Bank and even the TXT files for VSTi's.

Attentions needs to be given to the work I'm doing on LSCP Gen. This is the only tool that guarantees the creation of libraries successfully, but I feel very frustrated right now as I'm left to discover how everything works in order to finish the program and get it working flawlessly.


Sorry James, I meant to get back to this thread earlier, but this was a PC refresh morning

Only just got back online now.

Yes I was going to say that Domenico got the numbers slightly incorrect, but it DOES make all the difference....

I have not looked at the LSCP for the X-Giga banks yet, but I will now and see if I can help out with the re-writing....

Although perhaps wait until you update the LSCP program???