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Hi Tony.
The story with Ketron is beyond a joke at this point and your bad experience with them should not effect your confidence in buying a product from Lionstracs. They are nothing a like. It's been very clear for a long time that Ketron have serious administration and resource problems within the company. Issues like that and the odd lie here and htere are the results of what has happened an it ain't going to get any better for them anytime soon.

The development on a Lionstracs product is in a different league altogether. The speed is WAY faster and once a problem is found your looking at only days for a fix, not a year like Ketron, which knowing them will likely not fix the problem entirely. As for new functions, no closed keyboard can compare to the speed and progress of an open keyboard.

It's like someone trying to compare a horse & cart to a porsche just because they are two means of travel. Ketron ain't Lionstracs & Lionstracs aint Ketron.

Buy a Lionstracs and welcome to the fast lane. Just make sure you known your limited though and don't try do a sink or swim from day one. A Groove X7 would be the ideal stepping stone for you into bigger and better things, but I'd recommend using your Pa2X for the arranger and the X7 for all your sounds until such time as your comfortable and ready to start working with the X7 has an arranger.


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Many thanks for that James, they will be jumping around now, I just need a source Germany is looking like it. I think you can buy direct from the factory.

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