Hi all,
Because the company Lionstracs does not react e-mails and fax plus a few phone call attempts, I ask you for your help, because I have not experienced such a thing yet.
I have received at the same time like James media Station B-Stock MS 76.
The system did not function from the outset properly and to exclude all mistakes I have extinguished the hard disk completely. Then I have struck up from the provided CD the OS 4.0 REV 1841. Whether on this CD this operating system is also, I cannot check.
After I play again the operating system software, the following errors are reproducible:
1. The VST-Host ASIO for the Stand-Alone uses with file ending (***.exe) from 1-8 functions and can be loaded.
2. However, the VST-Host ASIO for other uses VST cannot be loaded (**.dll). Of the software Badge F4=VST.dll file EDIT for the VST-Host ASIO does not exist on the screen.
3. The volume pedal is not functioning.
4. In constant light keyboard poster the keyboard generates occasionally tones with maximum volume. This can be prevented into which I put in the set up a curve. I must do this, nevertheless, after every new start again.
5. The keyboard not always reacted to settings in the set up for aftertouch etc.
6. To complete again the software, I wanted to download the suitable files from the homepage of Lionstracs. The description on the homepage says that this should be possible, otherwise I would not have extinguished the hard disk. Nevertheless, this does not go. The Gftp server requires a password which I do not have. Because Lionstracs does not answer, I cannot load possible topical functioning company software and other files down.

It would be nice if you could help me, because I do not know any more what I can do.
Kind regards
PS. I made an apprenticeship as an electrician and studied electrical engineering at the university.
I had an own company as a cocompanion and know how difficult development and customer care can be.
So I am careful in the judgement whether a device mistake or operating error is given.