I have been toroughly stressed by creative labs..

Not only do they make bad vista drivers (espescially the ASIO part. Their support for Linux is virtually non-=existant.

Only 1 beta driver available from creative, and i did not get it to work in any of the 5 linux distro's i tried...

I finally got my sound card working under 64 studio distro, but with the free OSS drivers. And those don't support the newer Linux interfaces like JACK and such.

I am back to windows for now, and i am going to install Linux (which works great except X-fi stuff) in a virtuall machine that has an AC97 audio interface.

For now i am back to WInddows vista 64 Ultimate. I bought an Edirol PCR 800 yesterday and i hooked it up to my PC. Its a great midi tool for playing with vst's...

I,'ll be testing live-styler later this week, or otherwise next week, as my job is currently taking 15 hours a day. I tought i keep you guys updated.
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