I have been lost development of these virtuall arrangers out of sight, but it kept wondering how far they have come...

When last i checked there where only OMB and livestyler, where OMB is rumored to have stabillity issues with vst's ....

So here are my questions

-Is band in a box finally usable in real time as an arranger?
-Are there any new real time software arrangers in development ?
-Which software arranger is currently most popular and why?
-Do you guys use a touchscreen for your softsynth or just screen and mouse
-What vst's can be used in a life environment that lets you change instruments on the fly?
-Since both livestyler and OMB use yamaha .sty files, what vst's do you use to replace the yamaha sounds used in those styles?
-What sequencer do you use?

Thanks in advance for answering these
Yamaha Genos, Roland Jupiter 80, Ipad pro.