Hi Cajun,
basically what I've got is about 8
gm & xg soundfont banks consisting of the 128 gm voices plus gm/gs , xg drumsets.

Having gone thru the various banks, there's some good, some reasonable & some really poor voices..
Basically I haven't found a single gm/xg soundfont bank that I'm totally satisfied with. One may contain good piano's & have poor strings etc etc
I thought the best way to go about it would be to build up a custom soundfont.
One for OMB (xg mapped drums)
One for BIAB(gm2 mapped drums)
The problem with using psr .sty files with GM drum mapping is that in certain instances you get incorrect drums playing.
xg & gm/gs drum mapping differs .

I haven't found a satisfactory way of auditioning the fonts. Using them in BIAB, I can only load one gm soundfont at a time, so I have to listen to the song/style with the one font, be it sgm128 , sgm180, papalmedia etc doesn't make it easy to compare whether I should be using a papalmedia piano, with sgm180 strings & sgm128 drums.
Saving the BIAB song/style as a midifile, I can load it into Synthfont and listen to it using various soundfonts at the same time
ie I can use
papalmedia for piano, sgm180 strings & sgm128 drums or any mix of
In this way I can take note of which font has the best piano, which one has the best bass, strings etc
& then I can create my font accordingly.
Even though BIAB has 100's of styles I'm basing my choice of prefferable instruments on the styles I use the most.
The above would also apply to OMB (psr .sty files)
I'll do the 2 seperate fonts mainly because of the drum mapping.

For putting my custom soundfont together I'll can use
Soundfont Librarian (free) http://www.sf2midi.com/index.php?page=software
I have other choices, including Soundfaction Alive, my creative soundcard Vienna editor but I thought that since the Librarian is free, it may encourage someone else to give it a go.

Synthfont is available below, it's a full working version, (though a donation is asked for after evaluation to help him keep upgrading his software)
On the same site he has a soundfont editor called Viena. ( don't confuse Viena & creative's Vienna )The 2 programs actually work in conjunction. ie you're using synthfont & you want to edit the font, you just click the viena icon & it takes you to the editor. Edit , save & go back.
I'm not terribly familiar with this one, but as a freebie , it's brilliant.
One thing I was experimenting with the other night was editing the volumes of individual drums in a drumset ie brushes too loud so instead of having to alter the brush velocity in each of the styles, may be easier to alter the brush sample. Custom drums. http://www.synthfont.com/

It's amazing what can be done with soundfonts & for next to nothing.

Originally posted by cajun100:

This is very interesting. I would love to find another use for BIAB.

DOes this mean you are now creating yet ANOTHER new soundfont master file with the various soundfonts you have chosen and edited in BIAB from the individual ORIGINAL soundfont files? How does one compile the new file? Simply with a "save as" routine in Synthfont?
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