may have found a solution for auditioning my numerous banks of soundfonts & styles.
I have a number of gm soundfont banks.
There's a mix of good & bad instruments in all of them.
I've been working on trying to put together my ideal soundfont for my omb styles ( xg )
& one for BIAB (gm)
To date I've actually been splitting them up into individual instruments & deleting any really poor ones & putting together a library.

I've now decided to try using Synthfont by creating a midifile of a BIAB or OMB style( only takes a minute or so).
Load it into Synthfont & audition the various soundfont banks on each of the tracks ( each track can have a different gm bank) and choose the best version of a particular instrument to put into my soundfont .
I've also had a look at the Viena soundfont editor. They make quite a good combination. http://www.synthfont.com/ ( donation requested)

For putting together my soundfont I'll probably use
Soundfont Librarian (free)

best wishes
best wishes
Rikki 🧸

Korg PA5X 88 note
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