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Hello Starkeeper
1. Make sure you have the right hand voices of OMB set to receive on the channel that is being put out by the right side of your keyboard. (It may be set to receive on all channels)
2. Make sure that the send channel on the left hand side of the keyboard is not the same as the right hand side.
Hope this helps.


1. How do I do this?
2. Is it absolutely necessary to have a different channel for the left hand? If this is so, then I can't use my Roland arranger as a controller keyboard. My Roland does something funky when I put it into Ogan mode (split mode). The notes on the left channel rise up, to C5 (I think).

Either the split point (set in OMB) should work or transmitting on two different channels should work.
I play Roland EM20 and Yamaha PSR550