Hi Fran,

i agree. As i see now, the G1000 has many advantages for live-performing. Although the touch display is very nice, you always need one press more to alter the settings. And on many menus, you have NOT more information on the display than on G1000 - only a bigger font.

Most of the software-bugs of the G1000 still exist on the VA76 (for example when you want to copy songs from ZIP to FDD - the songs appear in the order as they were put on the zip. ).

The handling of the VA76 could have been so much better, if the Roland-engineers had done a good job.

The engineer who decided to put Variphrase in the VA76 must have been drunken. I see no possibility to use variphrase on live jobs. Mostly it sounds very very artificial.

Nevertheless, the fantastic new sounds (espicially piano - my digital piano sounds worse), the 128 voices and the new styles are worth the money. And there many things that are better on VA76 (for example no upper- or lower-limitations for the split-points).

I hope my va76 and i become friends ;-)

Many greetings!


PS: No chance to solve my problems on the global-settings-page. I tried hours on hours.... :-(((