after 4 years i've changed from G1000 to VA76. And although the new sounds and styles of the va76 are great, i have many difficults to transfer from G1000 to VA76.

I play in a cover-band wih the following setup:

- some songs wih midifile
- Track 10 (drums) are assigned to output 2
- Drummer gets this drumtrack on hisheadphnoes
- some songs with count-in (1-bar)

And these are my very special problems:

- on the G1000 the settings for the metronome and count-in are saved in the regristration. On VA76 everytime i start the song-composer, the metronome is always deactivated. Is there a possibility to save the activated metronome in the user-registration ?

- the first beat of the count-in is on output 1. The rest is ok. VA76 seems to be to slow to change the outputassigns. But for me that means, that the drummer will not be able to count in correct. (I think it's no solution to tell the drummer he should count 3 and then count in the band with 4..). To use the metronome output is not a good solution, because our drummer prefers to hear the drumtrack. So for the moment i have to give him both signals (drumtrack and metronome) on his headphone (therefor a little mixer is necessary). Not amazing !!

Little problems with great consequences, if you play in band.

Many greetings !