You must have been reading my mind as I compared the expense of the memory to the price of a netbook,only yesterday. I hope to upgrade from a Tyros2 to a Tyros4. I would have bought some of the extra sounds in the future, but to play them I need the extra memory, so Yamaha have done themselves out of future sales from myself, by "over egging the pudding".
If I was upgrading from a Tyros3 with the added purchased sound modules, I would be even more irritated, as to play these modules one requires the extra new style memory. I believe Yamaha have found a way to transfer these prevously purchased modules to the Tyros 4 but of course, to put them back on your new keyboard you have to buy the extra new memory. Very catch 22 - waste the money put into the modules or spend even more to play them again. I love the Tyros brand of keyboards and know Yamaha have to make a nice profit to stay in business, but this latest scheme is a bit blatent. The netbook I am writing this on cost 199 pounds including VAT, a year ago.
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