I sort of agree with Donny. This young girl has stage presence, but I'm not enamored with her voice. It's a personal preference. I'm not much of a fan of our local girl's (Laura Bell Bundy) voice, either...notice, I said VOICE...I'm old and tired, but not DEAD!

Today, to make it, you have to "bundle" a lot of attributes...voice...looks...promotion...etc.
to succeed. Like Fran, I couldn't understand the other little girl. She has great pipes, but, I'm not sure she really knows and feels what she is singing, and to me, "selling" the song's meaning is critical.

Look, I don't particularly like Michael Bubule (sp). But, that's a personal preference, and I'm not going to try to convince anyone else to believe the way I do.

I wish this young lady all the success in the world. I do believe she'll improve with a little maturity. Really like her choice of material.


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