Let me explain my pet peeve about the "pop" music faults..to me..

The Houston's and the Carey's etc...It is all about the "skating" and "tones"..and unrealistic effects...What it lacks is the clarity and diction...so that a story can be told and understood...
The reason they put the words on pop music albums...is ...so the kids can learn the lyrics...then they can understand the garble..

I rather here a great instrumental..doing what the majority of these stars do..

I remember Whitney doing a song on TV without the studio tricks and tracks..she was horrible..
I am not saying they were not talented...I just believe the effort should be towards the quality of the diction and clarity..

Donny's last link..the girl is being taught in the same manor as the Super Stars of the 80's...
Nikki is being taught the way the real greats could deliver a song..with meaning and a vocal to be understood....

Listen to the "stars" of the 40's 50's and even the 60's....You know ..the songs that will be remembered..

You don't have to agree with me...but think about it!!!