The only factory that gives me pre-released products which we use for development and testing is KETRON, and that is because I am one of the Engineers for this company and work for them. All such products are later returned after the project is closed.

Any product I sell (including Ketron) are production models with warantees (or what's left of them). We don't take in or sell anything without warantee on it (and for companies like Yamaha where the warantee is non-transferable, we warantee it through us).

I just wanted to bring this to your attention and clarify the statement you made ... " Sometimes I think AJ gets these "pre-release" road demo'ers that may possibly be in 'beta' form (hence the term pre-release ). Nothing against you AJ, I'm just making sure chas is aware of the situation and if the factory warranty is still binding i.e. (was it imported from Europe possibly??) and that he fully knows the ins and outs of the G7 you're trying to sell. "


Design Engineer & Product Specialist.