Diki, I listened to the Motif XS demo and it is very good but I think I like the Roland 'sound' better, especially the drums. Also, I have a Motif ES (the XS IS a big improvement) but no recent Roland board at the moment (I have a SonicCell but that's not the same). Also, watching the (Roland) video, it seemed he was able to get around on the KB in real-time pretty well plus speeding and slowing the integrated audio samples plus great sounding drums (to me), etc., all added up to what looks and sounds like a real fun KB.

BTW, on that GW8, everyone says it has the sound engine of the SonicCell or Fantom X. If that is so, then how come the SC sells for @ $895.00 and the GW8 for less? Doesn't make sense, unless there's more to the story.

Anyhoo, the G7 sounds like a fun board to play funk organ over and you know how much I like funk organ. The C1 is still going to be my all-time favorite board (except for a real 'B'). I just wish Nord or someone would make a lightweight 25 pedal, B3-type pedalboard for it and maybe a add-on drawbar unit that sat on top of the C1. Ah, always dreaming. Wish I'd hit the lottery, I'd manufacture some of this stuff, maybe even an aftermarket (midi-driven) CHORD SEQUENCER for frustrated former G1000 users . Anybody want to pool some bucks for a start-up? Can you imagine a bunch of Synthzoners agreeing on ANYTHING long enough to have a successful joint venture. I don't think so.


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