If you decide to buy the Fantom G7 from AJ make sure there is a factory warranty attached to it. Sometimes I think AJ gets these "pre-release" road demo'ers that may possibly be in 'beta' form (hence the term pre-release ). Nothing against you AJ, I'm just making sure chas is aware of the situation and if the factory warranty is still binding i.e. (was it imported from Europe possibly??) and that he fully knows the ins and outs of the G7 you're trying to sell.

Another consideration you may want to think about chas is that Guitar Center has had sales on the Fantom G series as recently as just a couple months ago. The price for the Fantom G7 when it was on sale at GC recently was a mind boggling $2,499. With a brand new "boxed" G7 you will be getting a brand spanking new G7 with full factory warranty and with all all the trimmings (CD, Manual, etc), and undoubtedly, it will also have the latest OS 1.10 update already installed on it too.


PS: With the economy in the tank it may serve you well to wait until Roland gives another bonus offer on the Fantom G series instead of getting one that's second hand from AJ, and never knowing what you will be getting either, when you really think about it. Just like when you buy a second hand automobile. Do you want somebody else's trouble? Food for thought, and although I realize AJ is trustworthy, of course, he didn't own it himself and he would not really be able to give you the full details of it use or misuse. OTOH, he may indeed actually know the person who owned it, and if so, it would be worth considering because you never know for sure when that "next" big sale on the Fantom G series will materialize - if ever.

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