Originally posted by kla4:
You guys must be kiddin' ..... when saying these demos sound good ?

In my view only the Grand is OK, but the styles-, bass and drums sound pretty poor/cheap.

It will cost weeks of editing before it comes close to the top-arrangers quality.

Yes, I agree...
Triology Bass, RMX drums, Colossus Drums and Kontakt 3 instruments sounds pretty poor/cheap...

Better next time clone the PRS sounds then maybe the sounds are in the same level of your keyboards and you will be happy.
If we clone the PSR 3000 then will sound the all styles better?

We have now the all time for editing the styles, because right now we don't have one MS ready to shipping untill the new production of September.
ALL the MS and also the prototype SOLD out!

How many years you have waiting for the Tyros 3 and Audya?
Our next new clients can also waiting untill semptember too, in this time we can work for release native MS styles.

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