You know the keyboard with QRRANGER and GIG SOUNDS and VST player, POWERFULL WORKSTATION AND ARRANGER etc.

But what is interesting now. Any kind of your work can be saved as midi style in QRANGER and you can play with midi song what you want. It as perfect tool from keyboard directly use without possible changing of midi program change or change of volume etc.

And than I found also this:

This all styles are from EMC exported to Sequencer mode, loaded on Qranger editor and saved the session. No more sounds/volumes editing! Loaded on MS-Qranger and played in real-time. Used only the GIGA SounbankGM2 V.4

With QRANGER you can really easy make what you want it is all present on TFT display. You can drag and drop not you can make different volume of note or any kind of sys exclusive. What you want more?

I found one nice demo of LIONSTRACS MS.

Here is link to song: