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However you must be aware that importing new styles, and especially transferring styles from say Yamaha, is a very difficult process. Third party pc based importing software has struck a brick wall due to Korg's slow response to the request for releasing the compression/uncompression coding. To see more on this issue visit http://www.korgforums.com/forum/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=34700


David that is exactly why I decided to remove the KORG Pa800 from my performance arsenal.....there were many things that I loved......VH, Navigation, Sliders, Song-list, etc, etc, ....but the meat & potatoes of any arranger is the access to hundreds of styles factory & conversion & this is where Yamaha trumps the competition through their availability & supported conversions. Choices have to made, workarounds have to be dealth with, weighing whats good FOR YOU & not what someone else expresses is a major concern.
Ive been duped by hype, Ive been happy by choice, Ive been disappointed after my purchases in live performance, but I keep dredging on in my search for the "Perfect Arranger " for me, & hey, who knows? I might even be as happy as Diki one day & keep a KB for more then a year or so I surly hope so....we're getting close for sure.

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