Hi.I need some help from you people that have been able to try these keyboards. I am an amateur musician who spends a lot of time with the music hobby. I live in Argentina and I come from an organ playing background. I like playing live occidental kind of music, mainly ballads, pop and soft rock. I discovered arrangers in 2006 when I bought a PSR 1500 (the highest end arranger available here by that time). Later I intended to buy a Korg Pa800 but it didn't arrive to my country so I bought a Korg Tr synthesizer to use it basically as a sound module (wonderfull drums and overall sounds)and also to take advantage of its aftertouch keyboard. I always wanted to upgrade my arranger to the Tyros2 but it never arrived to my country and they asked 6000 Us$ for importing one for me. Finally a PSR s900 will arrive this month at 2,788 Us$. I love the Super Articulation and Mega voices of Yamaha but other than that and about other 52 sweet, cool and live voices most of the functions on this keyboard are the same than in the PSR 1500 (I don't need the vocal harmonizer). I will have to pay 2,000 Us$ for trading my old PSR (a lot of money!)On the other hand Korg has very affordable prices here. It arrived the Pa500 at 1,595Us$ almost the same price than in USA(the Pa800 will be at 3,700Us$ if it arrives). I could have a new arranger for 400 Us$ less instead of trading my PSR 1500 for a PSR s900. I will be able to try the new Yamaha but the Pa500 is not available in music stores to listen to it. Believe it or not I have to buy it first to the importer before I try it. The questions are: 1)are the Pa500 sounds similar to my Korg Tr synth?, what are Rx voices? are they like super articulation or Mega voices? 2)Is it worth paying 2000Us$ for only 90 extra voices in the PSR s900? 3)would it be better to have also a Korg Pa500 arranger which is a better controller and more flexible keyboard in relation to its overall functions? I will also be able to play other styles. The disadvantage of course is I will pile up three keyboards and it will be quite difficult to control them all at the same time playing live. Another problem is the Korg does not have the bass recognition function which allows me to play with my Roland midi foot pedalboard controlling the bass lines independently. I appreciate any opinion. Thank you.

Korg Pa3x 61 - Mediastation X76 - Yamaha Psr s900 - Korg Tr61 - Roland PK5A - NanoKontrol - Ensoniq SQ1 - Yamaha D85 organ