For what it's worth.....

The picture is an animated gif file.

It consists of 34 frames or stills that are displayed for .003 seconds per frame, looping continuously. I checked the code and the loop does not change directions. The loop starts at frame 1, ends at frame 34, and starts over.

For me when I start with frame 1, the dancer is spinning clockwise. But even as I advance it 1 frame at a time, if I lose my "is that her front or back reference", she will change directions.

Look at frames 7 & 24. Which leg is extended...right or left?

Your answer will correlate to which direction she is turning. If I make the mental switch at those points, I can see her spinning back & forth 180 degrees only.

I believe this is one of those optical illusions or puzzles that we've all seen before (only moving).

Do you see a woman or a sax player?

It really comes down to your point of reference...what are you concentrating on?

Whatever the answer is, it was fun.


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