after the recent update yesterday from the o.s. system in my pa1x the sampler works fine now!!! I can get working on new registrations and styles now with samples that are fantastic like the grooves from the ketron keyboards and cd-drumloops.

I have made a first demo now with drumloop integrated in the factory style of the pa1x/pro. I have recorded the song "song for guy" from Elton John. I have used here in the first part the factory style and on the second part added a drumloop (bossaloop) and it automatic synchronize (after doing the slicing in the pa1xpro)with the style tempo.

Some other info: for the right part(keyboardtrack upper) i have used 3-times the piano setting one octave below the other(upp1 piano o octave, upp2 piano -1 octave and upp3 piano -2 octave), choose a fx for the style and keyboardtracks and set the lower to a moody sweep pad and change the volume frequently in the song of this part.
All of this realtime recorded on the mp3-board(optional) in the pa1x-pro.(also the fade out is on the pa1x at the end)

Hope you enjoy this new song.......

Greetings from Belgium,
Notlos (go to the education link)


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