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so both boards are pretty close,mike

Both boards are pretty close mike. But the Tyros has a 'big' advantage in the Vocal Processor department. But if Technics drops the price in the U.S. to the UK equivalent with the money saved a person could buy a very decent external Vocal Harmonizer that could surpass the Tyros Harmonizer. The Tyros has other advantages. It is lighter weighing in at 27 lbs vs. the KN7000 38.8 lbs. But as you can see it is only roughly 11 lbs. lighter. Plus the KN7000 has those 'excellent' built in speakers whereas the Tyros is a mute Board. I am still very happy with my Tyros purchase but things have a way of changing so I will be open to 'new' possibilities and purchases along the way. But for now I have no intention of parting with my Tyros unless something comes along that convinces me otherwise. It will have to be something 'revolutionary' that's for sure. The KN7000 isn't revolutionary (as apposed to the Tyros) and Korg's new Pa1X (61 Key with built-in speakers) most likely won't do it for me either by the fact it has only a mere 62 note Polyphony. But I will definitly run it through its paces when it does come out and if the Polyphony issue is a non-issue: well; you never know you know. I might just bite the bullet and get one; sell my PSR 2000 and probably keep the Tyros. Or vice versa; sell the Tyros and keep my PSR 2000. Or sell both the Tyros AND my PSR 2000. But like I said; the Pa1X probably won't be 'revolutionary' enough (as apposed to the Tyros). The Tyros has over "twice" the Polyphony that the Korg has. That is a show stopper right there IMO. But then again only time will tell if the Polyphony (lack of) is an issue or not.

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