I have been buying organs and keyboards for the best part of 40 years!
As a home player,I have gone from Farfisa to Technics to Wersi to Yamaha to Yamaha to Yamaha
You will gather that I am now an ardent Yamaha fan.
In Yamaha I have gone from 5700 to 740 to 9000 and here's where I have stayed for the last 4 years and I have no hankering after any other. The Tyros is always a next possibility but I don't see the advantages over the 9000 for a home player.
Of course the 9000 as a second user board is now quite inexpensive and it's a hell of a board for under 750 ($1000) second hand.

As you have already read from our members, though , the right one for you is the one that you want AFTER TRYING IT.
Good Luck with your choices.

Eddie from Rotherham

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Eddie from Rotherham