Can someone please tell me 'exactly' what the "definition" of an "oriental" arranger keyboard is? I am an american of asian (oriental?) ancestry (chinese), 3rd generation american born, but unclear what you refer here as an "oriental" keyboard.

I play the Technics KN5000 keyboard (primarily american pop, jazz, blues, and country). The KN5000 supports the following scale tunings:

2)Piano (Well Tempered?)
4)Pythagorean (just intonation?)
* separate tunings for C# & Db, etc.
7)Arabic 1 to 5
10)User Customizable

My KN5000 includes the Arabic (1 to 5) scales. Does this thus qualify my keyboard as "oriental" (or) can my keyboard qualify just because I (myself) am of 'oriental' descent?

Seriously, please explain the definition of an 'oriental' keyboard as I am interested in exploring the music you guys play in "oriental" keyboard mode. Are there specific ethnic instrument sounds and/or ethnic drum kits required to perform "oriental" style music? Are there different scale "tunings" used for Far East vs. Middle Eastern tunings?

For oriental style music I have always just played the penatonic or harmonic scale notes in standard piano (tempered) scale mode. These other scale tunings may open the door to fasinating new avenues which I have never explored before.

BTW, can someone also tell me what the other above scalings represent?

Scott Yee

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