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That is not my VP,it's my friends keyboard...I'm just using and studing that "VERY PURPLE" keyboard till my 2661 comes...I have to wait ONE MORE DAY!!!

Don't get fever, Slower, come on...keep patient...it will come...I'm sure...

I think the same samples for the K2000 can also be used for the later synths out of the Kurzweil's "K" series. You can load them on other sample boards or even a computer (be it PC, be it Atari, be it Risc PC, be it {for you, ED} a Mac ), however, they are standard .wav files which you can use on many different ways.

There are really many sounds but Sweetwater's ftp server is very slow so you will spend a long time for downloading...

Greetings from Frankfurt (Germany),
Sheriff ;-)

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Greetings from Frankfurt (Germany),
Sheriff ;-)