Thank you guys."VP" is the keyboard synth,it has SCSI port,floppy is working... I have standard PC with Duron 1GHZ procesor and SB LIve 5.1 sound card...there are no such SCSI conectors...floppy isn't working.Today I'll put a new one.I use "aWAVE" program to convert and read all sample files...if you want I'll mail you a picture of "VP" looks the same as k2000 but the colour is purple and I belive there are some software differenties.

Now something about my Fantom X6... can you belive that k2000 piano, guitar, string, organ and pad ROM sounds are better sounding then X6??? K2000 has,I think, about 8Mb of ROM sounds without GM block or any other expansion card... Fantom has 128Mb!!! Three X6 ROM multisamples that I like are JD-800 piano, trumpet section and sax...hey,that are samples produced years ago!!!All new things like Stereo Grand Piano,Nylon guitar,Stereo strings are good sounding itself but put them into mix and they do not exist!You must use tons of EQ...and still that is not what it should be..put them to mono and it is Zero sounding.I put SRX - 10 Big Brss Ens (I like to play brass that sound of that natural instruments)but those stereo 64Mb samples sound very nice playing itself,put them to mix- 0 points!What do Rolands ing's have in minds I dont know...maybe I'm crazy but I think that the best solution is to buy some older products(like d50 for pads and strings,Ensoniq,Kurzweil maybe Ketron)then spend much more money for new synths and at the end get some old multisamples(maybe) of earlier models plus some new nonrealible sounds + new operating sistems + bigger display(which do not need- all settings and editing or studio work can be done on computer)... I think that today most realible new sint could be a MOTIF ES, I tried to play a few notes and it sound very,very good... on the HK Audio stage monitor... I'm selling my X6,do you have any sugestion what keyboard should I buy to fit it with K2661(it's shipping at Monday)??MOTIF es maybe?or something older...

Best regards from Zagreb,Croatia