Hey Les! Thanks for responding. I'd probably like to see your program-do you have any intro notes or the like I can check out 1st? My hyper-programmer pal in Texas has the Atari and I have the K5, so I'll have to work it out with him in the end, but unless I can schlep the K5 THERE, we'd have to create sys-ex disks a Korg 01/Wfd would have to read and transfer to the K5. I believe its a little cranky and wants sounds transferred one at a time, no doubt due to the huge amount of data even ONE additive patch represents. I'm willing to try; the K5 is one helluva paperweight, but where it shines, it really shines. Please contact me at Hueykins@mail.cswnet.com and we'll see what can be worked out. Perhaps I can offer you a weird/rare tape or 2 out of my massive collection for your trouble, if not outright money. Programming ain't no day at the park! Thanx again.