Akai S900/950-to-K5 Atari conversion program

Posted by: HellPope Huey

Akai S900/950-to-K5 Atari conversion program - 10/05/98 08:57 PM

I've heard rumor that there was once an Atari program that would convert Akai S900 or 950 soundfiles into harmonic data readable by the K5. If you've even HEARD of this, much less own one, lemme know, please!
Posted by: Les

Re: Akai S900/950-to-K5 Atari conversion program - 10/05/98 09:22 PM

Yes, I've heard of the program but that's about all I can tell you. If your interested, I've written a program for the Atari ST that creates harmonic spectra for the K5 using several algorithms. If you want, I can send you a copy.
Posted by: HellPope Huey

Re: Akai S900/950-to-K5 Atari conversion program - 10/06/98 06:56 PM

Hey Les! Thanks for responding. I'd probably like to see your program-do you have any intro notes or the like I can check out 1st? My hyper-programmer pal in Texas has the Atari and I have the K5, so I'll have to work it out with him in the end, but unless I can schlep the K5 THERE, we'd have to create sys-ex disks a Korg 01/Wfd would have to read and transfer to the K5. I believe its a little cranky and wants sounds transferred one at a time, no doubt due to the huge amount of data even ONE additive patch represents. I'm willing to try; the K5 is one helluva paperweight, but where it shines, it really shines. Please contact me at Hueykins@mail.cswnet.com and we'll see what can be worked out. Perhaps I can offer you a weird/rare tape or 2 out of my massive collection for your trouble, if not outright money. Programming ain't no day at the park! Thanx again.
Posted by: Les

Re: Akai S900/950-to-K5 Atari conversion program - 10/07/98 12:25 AM

Unfortunately, the current version of my program doesn't save the data. You have to transmit it to the K5 and save the patch there. What it does is use several aglorithms to create harmonic profiles like saw, pulse, and so on. One of the algorithms is an e. guitar wave. You enter the position the string is plucked and the position the pickup is and it calculates a wave as a result. These formula came from someone named leiter you can usually find hanging out at "Eat At Joe's" web site.

The rest of my program uses FM synthesis. I have 7 DX style algorithms that let's you enter the ratios and the modulation amounts of all the operators. It then calculates a waveform. I was helped greatly by someone in Germany Jens Groh on this part.

Anyway, as far as costs, I've already giving it away as freeware, so your welcome to a copy if you want. Also, I know someone whose selling an Atari for $40. It can be hooked up to a TV. With this, you could run my program. Or if you have a PC, you can down load an excellent Atari emulator which will let you run my program on it. Let me know, and I'll send you more info.

BTW, I have a K5000 version of the program to, if anyone is interested.