Few hours ago I bought a six gigabyte IBM hard
disk and 64 megabytes of sample RAM to my PSR
9000 and they work very well. The installation
was easy and I did it myself. At the moment I
am waiting for the 2.0 operating system.

I have heard that it is possible to convert X1
and KN5000/KN60000 styles to the PSR9000. The
idea of having Technics and Solton styles in
my PSR9000 sounds great. How is this possible?
It really really sounds amazing.

I have been looking for buying a carrying case
for my PSR9000 becuse then I could take the
keyboard with me to our summer cottage for
the summer. From where can I find a cheap but
still a good quality case for the keyboard
where I can carry the keyboard safely without
a single scratch?

Thank you!!!!!!!!