I just wanted to let you know.......

Posted by: Micco

I just wanted to let you know....... - 05/02/00 09:29 AM

Few hours ago I bought a six gigabyte IBM hard
disk and 64 megabytes of sample RAM to my PSR
9000 and they work very well. The installation
was easy and I did it myself. At the moment I
am waiting for the 2.0 operating system.

I have heard that it is possible to convert X1
and KN5000/KN60000 styles to the PSR9000. The
idea of having Technics and Solton styles in
my PSR9000 sounds great. How is this possible?
It really really sounds amazing.

I have been looking for buying a carrying case
for my PSR9000 becuse then I could take the
keyboard with me to our summer cottage for
the summer. From where can I find a cheap but
still a good quality case for the keyboard
where I can carry the keyboard safely without
a single scratch?

Thank you!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Frank L. Rosenthal

Re: I just wanted to let you know....... - 05/02/00 08:47 PM

Given I am having some difficulty finding the correct SIMMs to use in my PSR 9000, you might beable to help me.

What was the specification of your RAM/SIMMs and who made it?

* 32MB
* 72 Pin
* 60 ns
* Non-Parity
* etc.

I tried a pair of SIMMS with the above general spec. and the PSR would only recognize 16MB of the 64MB.

Thank you

Frank L. Rosenthal
Posted by: Micco

Re: I just wanted to let you know....... - 05/03/00 08:02 AM

Hello Frank!!!!!!

The specifications of my SIMMs are:

- 70ns
- 64bit
- 64mb
- sdram

Sorry. I donīt know who made them. I could not
find any mention about it. I think you should
try another pair of SIMMs. It is possible that
the SIMMs you have are damaged.

Good luck

Posted by: Marek

Re: I just wanted to let you know....... - 05/08/00 04:20 AM

Hello Frank,

at the unofficial PSR 8000 site I wrote a warning about 72pin EDO RAM. I also installed 64 MB EDO RAM and my PSR 9000 recognized only 16 MB (the same amount as yours). Fortunately I had in my computer a pair of old 32 MB 72 pin (non EDO) RAM, which was recognized without problems. To be quite sure, then I tried once again another pair of 32 MB EDO RAM and they also were not recognized (not at least 16 MB).
Therefore I assume, that the PSR 9000 has problems with the recognition of the EDO RAM and I would recommend you to use old non EDO RAM.

Hope this helps



P.S.: Micco, SDRAM are 168pin, they cannot be used in the PSR 9000.
Posted by: Frank L. Rosenthal

Re: I just wanted to let you know....... - 05/08/00 07:12 AM


Thanks for your response. I have contacted Yamaha Tech Support and while they are no longer suppling the RAM, they had some in stock and will send them out to me this week.

Thank you

Frank L. Rosenthal