Yes folks you heard it right.....after using a laptop on stage for the last few years while performing with my KB it is really becoming a Pain in the Butt with the advent and popularity of a Karaoke Bar thinking public who looks at your performing and doesnt see anything EXCEPT the LAPTOP SCREEN and is totally oblivious to you as a LIVE MUSICIAN doing your thing.....all they know is "hey theres a screen that he's reading Lyrics from" "oh boy Im gonna go over there and ask him if I can sing a song" or "hey Joey go over there and ask that guy if you sing some Sinatra"
The mere fact is this you can be the greatst player in the world but if they see that Screen your a gonner for legitamacy in their eyes due to the publics lack of knowledge of this "thing of ours! the OMB show.." Last week a woman stuck here head in between me & the laptop screen while IM playing & singing!! to look at the scren and says to me "Hey wheres the words? [which arent there..] & " what else do you have that I can sing?" as GOOD as a Laptop is to use Live, is as BAD as it is in another way! What YOU think is normal is so Bizzarr to the publics eye when they hear all kinds of music and only SEE One Person sitting there playing it all somehow as they GUESS DJ?, KARAOKE? KB PLAYER, LIP SYNCING?
etc etc its getting weird when 80% of what the public sees nowadays is DJ's, "K" artists, etc etc etc etc typw entertainment vs the "LIVE PLAYER" anymore......with this in mind and trying stay belivable & Still entertain MY LARGE DANCE CROWDS in the WAY THAT I HAVE TO DO IT by playing live styles & singing as much as possible....peppered with SMF & Mp3's...
IM looking at alernatives to the LAPTOP style usage, I have a few ideas........we'll see what turns up...have you had any experieces too?

Your thoughts?