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I've been trying to put this in my mind why some members claim they need more than 61 keys. I've watched many 76 and 88 key players perform, and most perform well within the range of 61 keys.

Gary, I agree that 61 notes is perfectly fine & adequate for auto accomp mode style keyboard playing, especially because I'm able to trigger all left hand chords (even full 7th chords), and in all inversions, as well as those cool rootless type jazz chords, with the kb split point set at F#2, leaving over 3-1/2 octaves free for right hand play, pretty close to the 4 octave range available above middle C on an 88 note piano.

For traditional 'acoustic piano style' playing though, where you need to reach down and play (with your LH) the lower notes (BASS) and reach up an octave to play a chord (stride style), or common left hand arrepiation (Root -5th - 3rd), with right hand concurrently required to play mid-high & high notes for fills & arrpegios, 61 notes is NOT adequate at all. I feel that 76 keys is the 'bare mimimum' required to play in a traditional acceptable sounding solo piano style.

Though I'm satisfied (and even prefer) a 61 note keyboard for its lighter weight & smaller size transportability, there are too many times I want to throw in a piano SOLO number on the Tyros and can't pull it off because of insufficient KB real estate (notes) and flimsy (synth action) key feel which prevents me from utilizing the traditional acoustic keyboard playing techniques required to sound convincingly like an acoustic piano, and of which a weighted key action 76 or 88 note keyboard controller can provide. Admittedly, as portable keyboard arranger performers, it's a set of trade-offs, weight & size being at the head of the list for one man gigging performers. I for one think the Ketron SD1 with 76 keys, includes the best balance of weight & size, weighing in at a mere 36 lbs. I much prefer though, the Tyros instrument voice sound quality, Korg's more contemporary (fresh sounding) styles, Technics (and Yamaha's) user friendly intuitive OS navigation, and Roland's incrediblely realistic Fantom acoustic piano samples. If only these kb manufacterers could come together & roll all these strengths into ONE keyboard. I can dream, can't I? - Scott