I'm considering buying either a Yamaha PSR 3000 or possibly a Roland G70. Seems to me that they are in 2 diffent classes in terms of price. I'm not sure about function?? Some of the decision is based on what I can sell a grand piano I own ,that I rarely play anymore. ( got to raise some extra cash first).

At home and it stays at home because it's too hard to transport to solo gigs is a Yamaha Clav CVP 107. If that were portable, I'd take that on gigs. And the story would end here.

Since I'm a pianist and prefer at least 76 keys. As a substitute until I found something I really like I bought a Casio Privia PXR-400 that I've been taking on my solo gigs. It does the job OK and for the price hard to beat. But I just am not crazy about the overall styles and the only good sounding voices are the some of the pianos, eps, organs and octave jazz guitar.

Any advice?