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#448384 - 03/12/18 01:18 AM Re: ANOTHER KORG GEM [Re: organgrinder]
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Suprised Fran did not butt in here, as I recall that my Roland E70 as well as the Roland G800 and I presume also the famed G70 had a truly Dynamic Accompaniment in that you could set values of +64
to -64 for each and every acc. track thus allowing you to be very expressive. I have always wondered why a reknowned makes such as Korg and Yamaha did away with that. I sorely missed it after moving from Roland to Korg, I guess now I have got used to it.
But is was a superb feature on these boards.


#448467 - 03/12/18 04:42 PM Re: ANOTHER KORG GEM [Re: organgrinder]
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Dynamic Accomp, probably not as necessary now a days as it might have been on the old technics range. If memory serves me correctly, it played a slightly different variation of the current Variation you were using.
( if that makes sense)
That can be achieved on a korg with it’s 6 cv parts, by having slightly different style tracks and setting different chord types. Ie you get a slightly different variation depending on the chord type you play.

Good example is the Pa4x piano ballad, though personally I found it a bit unusable, too busy with some chord types , ie maj worked fine, 7 th sometimes unusable, so I edited down, now works for me , even if it is a bit more bland.

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best wishes

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