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#91927 - 08/27/00 08:07 PM External Speakers
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There seems to be a lull in new product discussions, so I am taking the opportunity to get some general questions answered. The PA-80 should be available late in September. Hopefully, that will cause some excitement.

I have been wondering about amplification and speakers for speakerless arrangers. I am giving some thought to the upcoming 76-key PSR9000Pro. I would want a stereo sound system. Theoretically, a subwoofer with two satellites makes sense, but then the satellites should mount on the keyboard stand. At the low end, maybe a boombox with aux in could be used. I think I remember a post by Uncle Dave on this subject. I would like to hear how others are handling their external sound needs.

#91928 - 08/30/00 04:46 PM Re: External Speakers
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If you are talking about speakers for personal or studio use, I would recommend the Even Tria system. It has a subwoofer with two satellite monitors (you will need stand for these) all powered by a triamped system. It originally listed for $999, but it now available for $499 form various on-line music dealers. This is what I am using with my I30 and I have been completely satisfied with the range and quality of the sounds produced by this system. If you are talking about a system for live performance, for my money I would go with any of the Mackie powered mixers and JBL speakers.

#91929 - 09/04/00 12:43 PM Re: External Speakers
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I'm half of a two-men band and play the X1.
My speakers are the Mackie SRM450 powered with an amazing sound and power !
My subwoofer is a 15" home-made type with active lowpass from 110 Hz down with only 150 Watts.
We use the smallest Behringer mixing console, Alesis nanoverb and Behringer SHARC (compressor, gate, delay, feedbackkiller) and the Korg IH vocalist all built in a standard Samsonite case (incl. powersupplies !)
It takes only 10 minutes to build up our system ;-)

kind regards,


PS I'm waiting for the SRS1500 subwoofer, but still no one sighted in Holland yet !


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