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#91466 - 03/14/04 11:07 AM PA1xPro
JCkeeys Offline

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For what it's worth ... My observations, after playing this KB for over a month.

(1) The Voice processor is Terrific! Effects and clarity are excellent.

(2) Styles ... Excellent!! I feel less inclined to utilize the fills ... no need!!
As far as my taste in styles ... The Latin and Jazz, IMO, are far more usefull than the other arranger KB's I have heard. (This was a sore point with me on the SD1)
The way I set up the EC5 foot pedal and KB are:
(1)Fill 1
(2)Fill 2 and
I control the Break/Fill with Velocity (you can set the amount ,so when you strike a key or keys (left hand only)hard enough it triggers the Break ... Very useful!
(3) Glide .. Works great for Guitar/Sax etc.
(4) Harmonizer
(5) End1 with the Key Start set on KB or Style Start/Stop. I am still undecided.

The only thing missing here for me is a ONE BAR or TO END Ending????

(3) My ignorance of how to properly play the Velocity/Multisample type sounds created an initial disappointment. Once I had the opportunity to practice with these "Sounds" I really learned to enjoy them!!

(4) The quality of the keyboard is evident in all that you see and feel. Yes, it is heavy by todays standards but worth it if you want quality keys to play with (for me anyway).

(5) The Organ Drawbar sounds can be stored with a style (STS) and you can change the way you control the speed of the Rotating Speaker effect with the Sustain Pedal (nice feature, you get double duty out of the Sustain Pedal).

(6) The display is functional but a tilt screen (like the Tyros) would have been better.

(7) Does a nice job on Midi playback. Have not played with this too much.

Overall a "Very Interesting Arranger KB"!!!
I urge anyone who is interested in the PA1xpro to give it a serious tryout ... Do Not just slap on a pair of headphones and play aimlessly. Take a few minutes (or longer) to understand its functionality and then give it a test run.

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#91467 - 03/14/04 11:29 AM Re: PA1xPro
Daddy JJ Offline

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I play this KB since begin of november, and the only thing I can say that I agree with your opinion...

This KB is terrific, the best for me of all the KB I bought before..

Enjoy and regards,

#91468 - 03/14/04 04:40 PM Re: PA1xPro
Benno Kattenat Offline

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JCKEYS, thanks for the info ,i am waiting for mine ,hope it will be here end march early april, best regards, BENNO


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