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#8591 - 03/27/08 07:59 PM i wanna buy a good, midrange setup!!

Hey guys,

so i wanna get into the elctronic music.. I have played guitar for around 15 years and music is in my blood so This is my next step i think..!

what is a good, mid range synth and drum module or built in drums what ever ya'll think is best



#8592 - 03/28/08 07:47 PM Re: i wanna buy a good, midrange setup!!
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My advice is to start slow and spend little.

If your PC has good specs and a pair of okay speakers hooked up to it then get a copy of FL Studio 8 along with some soft synths it comes bundled with. Citrus, Wasp XT etc. It's all fun stuff and is great for beginners.

Once you give that a try and like it get an inexpensive MIDI controller. Like the CME or M-Audio ones. I'd recommend CME UF series since they are probably as good as it gets for the money. M-Audio stuff can be pretty terrible.

So that way you'll get a relatively powerful sequencer/ host app and a controller. From there (and only if you dig what you're doing) a good audio card will be a good idea. ALthough something tells me it's a long way before you'll start looking for audio cards and such. Just give things a try for now without spending money on junk you might not have any use for.


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