Hello, im fairly new to the keyboards, im a guitar player that wants to broad his horizons.

i have two questions:

1- id like to know what kind of chords/scales/etc are used in songs like pink floyd - echoes (the funky part at about minute 7:00 in the album version), air - casanova 70 (the last part), and the classic green onions.
i think they all share that 70's vibe keyboards, wich i love (and actualy this kind of songs made me get close to the keys)
also, if you know any other songs or records with those kinda keys, id love to hear more of that stuff

2- related to the first, id like some excercises to get there, maybe practicing scales or such? (i have no idea how excercises are handled on the keys, im kinda translating from the guitar hehe)

thank you very much!!