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#789 - 06/04/02 10:36 AM Moving from Outboard to Inboard (To The PC).
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I've been putting this off for a very long time. I know there was another thread on this very same issue, but I wanted some specific opinions.

Over the next year or so, I think I'm going to sell my Roland VS840 and move to the PC platform for recording. Unlike most, I'm not looking to upgrade everytime something new comes out. I want to get my PC, install all the recording software/hardware I need and then stick with that - For a long time.

It seems to me that the XP vs. 98SE/ME issue is a serious one. Say I was to move over the the PC platform. You guys would recommend buying a new PC from the store rather than me building one myself right (as I have in the past). You guys would probably tell me to run out and buy the latest and greatest software.

While I've used Cubase and Pro-Tools in other studios (such as my schools) and have experience on both, I'm curious to know what you all think is the best recording program out there. I think I'd probably lean towaords Digidesigns Digi 001 since it seems like an all-in-one streamlined, meant to work well system (complete with it's own hardware).

Should I pop for an FX card, so my effects don't use CPU power?

If there is another thread on this, provide the link as I know how much we hate repeating things here.

My setup right now is this:

Roland XP60
Roland S760 Sampler
Roland VS840 Hard Disk.

I'd like it to look like:

Digidesign Digi 001
Roland XV5080 Synth/Sample Reader
Roland A70 Midi Controller
Roland VM3100 Pro Digital Mixer

I have a PII350 64MB which is probably inadequate for most things right now. Again, this is a future purchase. I graduate at the end of the year and then (after paying school loans off) can think about saving up for a machine.

I'd probably end up making the purchase next spring (when PCs would probably be running at 4gHz).

Thanks - The Infamous Epu.

#790 - 06/04/02 01:10 PM Re: Moving from Outboard to Inboard (To The PC).
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I would also choose the Digi001. Maybe something from Creamware (Pulsar2).

Your computer makes the Digi001 requirements, except for RAM. Start by adding 128MB of memory. Also, keep 98se/ME as it doesn't work with XP.


#791 - 06/04/02 02:12 PM Re: Moving from Outboard to Inboard (To The PC).
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Hey Tek. Thanks for the reply. I don't think I'll use my current PC for Digi 001, as I'd be meeting the lowest possible end of requirements. I want to havea versatile useable system at best.

My Pentium II 350 MHz would run into serious problems trying to do Digi 001. When I have enough money, I'd opt to get at least a 1.5 GHz with 256 - 512 MB of RAM.

Thanks - The Infamous Epu.

#792 - 06/04/02 03:27 PM Re: Moving from Outboard to Inboard (To The PC).
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Build your own, I would never recommend buying one if you can build it..use RDRAM if you are going with a P4. They didn't get many of the bugs out until the 1.7 so don't get anything before that. If you are starting from scratch you can go with XP. If you are going to use older hardware go with 98se or just do a dual boot with 98se and XP. The problem is with the drivers/hardware more than software when it comes to XP. If you click a software's icon and go to Properties>Compatiblity it should solve any older hardware issues.


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