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#7919 - 10/30/03 10:13 PM Hey, what's a good rackmount unit for like$0-$500?
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Here's my deal, I'm a guitar/bass player for the most part, but I've been noodling around on keys for the last 2 years or so, so I'm to the point where I can do any key parts I really need for my hobbyist 4-track recordings.

I already got a Korg MS2000 for synthy stuff and a Yamaha PSR something (the $130 one, which I can get some ok sounds out of when I run it through a Boss EQ pedal and a Johnson amp modeler) for all my piano/organ/whatever. The non-analogish sounds (piano/organ/strings)are where I'm looking to upgrade.

I saw in AMS that for $400 I can get a Proteus 1000 30th Anv. module, has anyone tried it out, is it pretty good?

#7920 - 11/02/03 08:54 AM Re: Hey, what's a good rackmount unit for like$0-$500?
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For $400 there's a ton of great s/h modules available. You could probably buy two for that amount. Yamaha TG500, 64-voice polyphony (and some people are giving these away). There are several great Proteus modules from the 90's. Don't forget Roland's JV-series. JV-880 and maybe even the 1080 is within that reach. Depends on the amount of expansion cards stuck inside. Emu made a bunch of modules aimed at the dance market which I've seen really cheap s/h.


#7921 - 11/02/03 09:40 AM Re: Hey, what's a good rackmount unit for like$0-$500?
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I'll sell you a Roland U220 for $175. It got better than average samples od pianos, strings, brass, organs ..... mostly bread & butter stuff. Single space rackmount - takes cards to add samples.
215-284-1328. Figure $20 for shipping in US.
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#7922 - 11/02/03 10:00 AM Re: Hey, what's a good rackmount unit for like$0-$500?
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Tek's right.

But I would also recommend Korg stuff.
I still like their 01R/W and 03R/W modules.
I still have an 01/W, 01/W FD and an 03R/W synths. Samples are a bit short, but they work well in the mix. Korg also has better voice allocation and a very bright, punchy sound.
Roland stuff is not bad either, but between you and I - I'm not a big fan of their XP, JV stuff. They sound a bit thin and the sounds don't work in the mix that well.
But that's just my opinion.

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#7923 - 11/03/03 02:28 PM Re: Hey, what's a good rackmount unit for like$0-$500?

yeah yall right I'd say. The synthe market is about as soft as the Pillsbury dough boy these days (nevermind, it's an American thing, it's biscuit dough) The price of Super JV 10 & 2080's are down low right now. I got a Juno-106 I can cut loose with for street if you wannit. Sounds like you're about ready for one if you've never owned one. Lots of keyboardists have owned one at one time or another. Current street tries to get 4 bills but usually goes for somewhere between 200-400. The U-220 does have a better piano sound than the Juno-106 though cawse that's what the U was made for mostly, piano (if I remember correctly). The Juno has sweet strings though although it's not a rack unit. Quite frankly, LOL If I were you, I don't know what the hell I'd do! There's a hell of a lot to choose from. Maybe I'd stick a GK2a on the axe and see what synthe will swallow the pitch tracking the best. That ought to be fun and quite creative for you. I'd sway to the 2080 if you can pick one up cheap, hopefully someone will want to oust one to you full of expansion cards. What's the genre BTW?
edit: here's a super jv 1080
there ya go 10 hrs left and it's only at $285.00...that's smokinly cheeeeeep! (so far)

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