Hey everyone! I have been out of the studio for over a year since all my gear was stolen and I am finally getting back into it, purchasing pieces little by little. I started out with a basic controller, then added the Roland MT-32 sound module and I then added the PMA-5 (Personal Music Assistant), mainly for the additional sounds.
I just purchased this amazing little box on Ebay and I am playing with it as I read through the owner's manual. It is a complex little mini composer and it will certainly take some time to figure it all out. In addition to its great sounds, it has a built in sequencer and touch-screen mini keyboard to enable composing on the go. Though these added features are neat, I plan to use Cakewalk as I always have and arrange MIDI tracks utilizing the external controller pulling sounds from the MT-32 and PMA-5.

I am looking for the video manual for the PMA-5. Does anyone have this and able to make a copy of it, or know where I can purchase one?