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#78883 - 09/18/06 07:20 AM PAX-1 Pro Question (Sampling & Polyphony)
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Hey guys - thought I'd post this question DIRECTLY in the Korg forum (finaly thought to do that).

In regards to the much debated "limited" polyphony of the Pax-1, I hope sampling doesn't take up too many "voices" with the PAX-1 as I will probably use it in Styles and SMFs heavily if I can.

So would Polyphony STILL be a problem if I used (drum) samples/loops in the styles/SMF'S?????

Would it help?

Is Polyphony THAT much of a problem anyway?

Can anybody answer that Sample/Polyphony question?
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#78884 - 09/18/06 12:14 PM Re: PAX-1 Pro Question (Sampling & Polyphony)
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hi hellboy,
i gave an answer to this in your other post, but will repeat it here, the polyphony of the PA is 62 notes, and as Korg have some really clever note allocation alogorithms you dont notice when notes are dropping out, if at all!!
i was playing this board using midi files (rock and pop) with a couple of other people, and never noticed any note loss at all, and some of the midis used 16 tracks...the big problem with using samples is how many layers are involved at the same time when you strike a note..for example if its a guitar one "voice" may be taken up for the actual note itself, one for the string scrape noise, and one , say, for a bend, therefore each note you play is using 3 voices of the the case of drump samples they are usually "one shot" and therefore only use one voice, and they are so brief, they really do not affect polyphony at all in realtime..they do on paper though....hope that helps

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