Anyone interested in buying a gently used EM2000? Let me know. Email me. I live in Jacksonville Fla area. I will also include with it my Z stand (with sheet music stand, accessory bar, Monitor stand that attaches and added bench). I also have two Roland 12-C monitors, Roland volume pedal and Roland piano style sustain pedal. I still have manuals for the EM2000. This kb was gently used in church about three times a week with a total of about 6 hours playing time per week. It was setup permanently in our church sanctuary so it has not been hauled around. I have not used it much at all in the last six months because I stepped down as worship leader and the kb has been setup in my house. This is a great kb but I am selling it to buy myself a brand new viola. I had the push buttons for the accompaniment section replaced about a year ago because they were starting to wear. This kb plays great with no problems. If you are familiar with the EM2000 you know that it is a great kb. I hate to get rid of it, but I really want a new viola which is going to cost me about $2000 so I need money.

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