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#7634 - 11/02/02 10:01 AM Re: What do you listen to ?
Equalizer Offline

Registered: 02/12/01
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Loc: Scotland
Lately I've been listening to a late 80s band called S-Express.

In my opinion they are one of the most under-rated synth bands ever.

#7635 - 11/02/02 12:08 PM Re: What do you listen to ?
djboomstick Offline

Registered: 08/31/01
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Loc: newyork
cevin key (including download and skinny puppy and remixes of those) as well as his own cds , KMFDM , praga khann , sade , cabaret voltarie , and lots of remix various artest compilation stuff. also some middle eastern traditional stuff. in my cd player right now is madonna's die another day remixes.

#7636 - 11/04/02 07:46 PM Re: What do you listen to ?
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Skinny Puppy and all the related stuff. Almost anything oldschool industrial (not the new crap like new FLA and Static X).
Cevin Key !! Legendary Pink Dots,
Tangerine Dream's old experimental stuff (Rubycon and Phaedra era), Depeche Mode, older Ministry, Einsturzende Neubouten, lots of oldschool punk and oldschool industrial music...Too many to name..

#7637 - 11/05/02 10:22 PM Re: What do you listen to ?
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Tekminus = U know why this Scots project called themselves "Boards of Canada"

They were huge fans of the National Film Board (of canada) short films

I (coming from the NFB hometown of MONTREAL)
am a very dedicated fan of most of those short stories

experimental at times, but in the end, always human

i grew up on them

#7638 - 11/08/02 02:46 PM Re: What do you listen to ?
Cloakboy Offline

Registered: 01/23/99
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Loc: Racine, Wisconsin USA
Industrial, EBM, new wave, mope rock and classical music from Beethoven on forward into the 20th century.

Specifically I've been listening to Project Pitchfork a lot lately. I'm also going to a Haujobb concert on Sunday.

#7639 - 11/14/02 09:10 PM Re: What do you listen to ?

Hmmm ...Maybe some Mark Snow or some unreleased William Orbit. I've been on other projects lately and a bit distant from the listening front. (off topic> I have some hi resolution actual samples of young lady breath quivers before, during, and after orgasms. LOL about a month's worth to edit for the best of the best. I modulate tone with them via control voltage. Sound wild? yes it does. In short, exploring different avenues at the moment. I call it "triple X enveloping". It is different, you can tell in a way what it is. Thus far, I have fit this enveloping into a composition at the point of bridging musical phrases. I'm working on it.
The enveloping is far too complex to attempt convolving your own initial source electronically along a graphical spectrum.

Did I ever say I am not weird? I think not.

#7640 - 11/15/02 09:55 AM Re: What do you listen to ?
tekminus Offline

Registered: 04/20/00
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I think the K2000 already has triple X enveloping in one of the formulas.

I can see the patchnames already, Morph: Traci Lords (1-72), Sample & F**k, etc


#7641 - 11/16/02 06:55 AM Re: What do you listen to ?
Spacehead Offline

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Loc: Pa. USA
Borrowed the new RUSH off of a friend.

Also some Marillion, Gordian Knot, Ozric Tentacles & Crack The Sky.

#7642 - 11/16/02 07:00 AM Re: What do you listen to ?
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Loc: Pa. USA
Originally posted by tekminus:
I grew up on Iron Maiden though, so they're always there. Got all the albums on CD last year, except for the new singer crap.

Have you heard the newest live CD? I've heard good reviews about it but haven't heard it myself.

#7643 - 11/16/02 12:58 PM Re: What do you listen to ?
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im gonna kill myself...i just spent the last 30 hours looking for led zepplin and their influences and similar artists to downloaded.

something about hard rock just shot up my ass and i like it

BTW, american music is far inferior to british music, like neanderthal(american music) compared to astronauts(british music)

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never sell out,
buy in
gone out back to shoot myself in the head on the advice of one cloakboy

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